I am no chef – I am just a girl who loves to cook and loves to eat! I have three of the toughest little critics around who are my official tasters. My mission is to expose them to new flavors and have them eat real food, not from a box, and actually enjoy it too.

This blog is about documenting my culinary adventures with three very rambunctious and opinionated little boys. Each week I will test a new dish, a new spice, or a give a twist to an old classic.  I don’t want to change the world but I do want to get my kids to eat some broccoli once in awhile.

And if you are wondering where we get our name House of Bedlam, it is appropriately a nickname for all of us: Brian, Elaine, Dylan, Liam and Matthew. I have my sister to thank for coming up with that one. And anyone who has eaten a meal with our boys knows how fitting it is!


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