Restaurant Review: Vistro Café at Recologie

Normally I would not seek out a vegan/vegetarian restaurant but I recently had the opportunity to attend a tasting at the Vistro Café located at Recologie in New Rochelle. The owners of Recologie Lifestyle Inc., have created a beautiful loft-like space “dedicated to sustainability and a commitment to creating a healthier environment.” Vistro Café is not just a place to eat, it’s a destination to shop for Global Fair trade products, listen to poetry, and gather to hear live music or attend a lecture.

At first glance this would not appear to be a kid-friendly restaurant but I tasted several dishes that I know my kids would love. Specifically the Morrocan-inspired Empanadas and the Fontina Garbanzo Fritters. Both dishes tasted as good as they look.


Moroccan Empanadas (VG)

Fontina Garbanzo Fritters (GF)

Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by a sampling of delicious cornbread that set the tone for the amazing meal to follow. For each course, the chefs came out and described their dishes. I felt like a judge on Top Chef as we were presented beautiful plates of food. The three chefs cooking that night were D’Amour Giovanni Green, Ihsaana Muhammad, and Sonia Urban. Each of them brought their own unique flavors and spices to their recipes.

Among my favorites were the Spicy Ethiopian Lentil Stew and the Black Bean soup with Caribbean spices.


Spicy Ethiopian Lentil Stew (VG, GF)

Black Bean Soup (VG, GF)

Black Bean Soup (VG, GF)

And just when we thought we couldn’t eat another bite, a decadent Triple Chocolate Cake, with a side of Ginger Zing Cookies was presented. Who knew gluten-free could taste this good???


Triple Chocolate Cake & Ginger Cookies (VG, GF)

Recologie’s Vistro Café is located at 49 Lawton St., New Rochelle. The restaurant is now open for dinner Thursday-Saturday from 5-9pm. And it’s BYOB! The smaller café connected to the retail gallery offers a lunch menu of soups, salads and paninis.

Visit the Recologie website or follow on Facebook for monthly happenings and events. There are music programs for adults and children, poetry readings, a monthly songwriter’s circle, live music and more!


5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Vistro Café at Recologie

  1. Like you, I wouldn’t seek out a vegetarian restaurant. If, on the other hand, I knew treat like these that you’ve described were available, I wouldn’t be nearly so hesitant to cross the threshold. These dishes all look great but that cake has me drooling. These vegetarian folks are a crafty lot. 🙂

  2. I have to pass this onto Jim! I don’t know if you know but he has taken a sudden interest in vegan/vegetarian food. I like it too, as long as we can get meat every once in while 🙂

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