We’ve Been Chipped! – Product Review



When I told the boys we were going to be reviewing some of the newest flavors in the Food Should Taste Good (FSTG) product line they whooped and hollered. A bag of chips is always a welcome treat at our house – so when four bags show up at our door it’s a cause for a celebration.

A Little Background…

For those not familiar with the FSTG Company it was founded in 2006 by Pete Lescoe with the goal of making a unique new snack with great taste and real ingredients. All Food Should Taste Good chips are gluten free, cholesterol free, have zero grams trans fats. They are also certified Kosher.  Plus, many varieties are certified vegan.

The Tasting

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how these healthy chips would go over with my kids. To them a chip or snack food is defined by something that’s shaped like a fish or stains their hands orange. But they were all business when it came time for the tasting. I was impressed with their enthusiasm to try something different even when one of the chips turned out to be green!


We tasted the following four flavors and here’s how they stacked up:


Of all the chips these were the ones that had the least amount of added ingredients. Simply, sweet potato, salt and oil. No added spices nor did they need any. They were crispy, flavorful and tasted like real sweet potato, absolutely delicious. One of our favorites- the bag was finished in about 30 seconds flat.


Matthew (age 6): “I’ve had these before, pretty good”

Liam (age 5): “Love these kind, thumbs up”

Dylan (age 5): “Sweet potato is best, give me 16 handfuls”


I was so excited to try these, as I love guacamole, so I was slightly disappointed in the flavor. We did like the serrano pepper spice, which kind of snuck up on us, but felt it overpowered the cilantro and avocado. Of all the chips, these were our least favorite. Although, they did taste them, the green color was a big turnoff for the boys.


Matthew (age 6): “EEEWWW”

Liam (age 5): “Not interested”

Dylan (age 5): “Boring”


OMG – these were delicious! They tasted like fresh olives, salty and briny. The flavor was perfect, not overpowering at all. Even if you don’t like olives you might like these chips. We will definitely be buying these!


Matthew (age 6): “Olive chips! That is hilarious”

Liam (age 5): “They ARE good”

Dylan (age 5): “It tastes just like olives”


We thought the multigrain flavor would be a little boring after the spicy guacamole and salty olive but not at all. The chips were nutty and the bits of seeds added a perfect note. Although I felt they begged for a great dip to go with, they were quite yummy on their own.


Matthew (age 6): “I think these are my fave”

Liam (age 5): “Me too”

Dylan (age 5): “The multigreen is my favorite”

Would we buy FSTG chips?

We will definitely be making use of our coupon (sign up for their eNewsletter and get one too!) to buy more FSTG chips. The company does live up to their claim – their food really does taste good. We’re looking forward to trying other flavors, especially the chocolate!

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Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. I did receive complimentary products to sample.



4 thoughts on “We’ve Been Chipped! – Product Review

  1. I think the idea of an olive tasting chip is terrific, especially if the salt doesn’t taste like a n ocean wave hit it. Green chips turn us off also…at least it isn’t Kale, which is good only in soup, or with a sausage dish. Kale chips, definitely not wanted.
    Love, Judy and Bill

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