Hand Me Down Recipes

What recipes are you handing down to your children?

IMG_7781See our March post at Kidville: Voice from the Ville – Old Family Recipes


7 thoughts on “Hand Me Down Recipes

  1. I will be very happy to forward family recipes if you like. My mother loved to cook, but I remember her recipes taking a long time. I have one of her old cookbooks. She never wrote down her adjustments though and there were many. Bill has some recipes also from his mother. I don’t think Bill’s mother ever cooked anything that didn’t take more than an hour and 1/2 and didn’t feed an army. I think her idea of a light meal was a whole roast of some sort or a goose! She was a great cook though, judging from what Bill says.

    My only caution when using canned soup or veggies of any kind, watch the salt content. They really pour it in to get a decent taste. I prefer frozen veggies or soup to canned anything.
    The other is when making the stew instead of a whole cup of wine, you can add worcestshire (our old standby). it adds a dash of flavor. Before putting the beef cubes in the broth, sear them slightly with a bit of oil and a bit of worcestshire, it seals in the flavor. Works the same with brisket.
    Fun blog! I wonder when the boys will be old enough to notice the difference between the boy scouts and the girl scouts?

    Love, Judy

    • Would love to hear about your favorite family recipes! Please let me know ones you can remember. And I agree with the canned soup, I usually avoid it which is why I remade my mother’s version. And next time we are out of red wine will try the Worcestershire sauce!

  2. Such a great idea. As you know, I’m busy trying to save and record my family’s recipes. As I go along, and as many as I’ve saved, I realize that many have been lost with no way of recovering them. I hope you’re successful and record plenty of these old recipes.

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