MommyCoach – Product Review

As a contributor to Kidville: Voices from the Ville, I was offered the opportunity to review a new service called MommyCoach. You might wonder why I would be interested in reviewing a product that did not pertain to food? The simple answer is I believe that the moms who read my blog would also be very interested in this service.

First a brief description of MommyCoach:

MommyCoach, in partnership with Kidville, is a new web-based platform that will enable moms to connect with hundreds of the nation’s leading experts, specialists, and coaches from anywhere at anytime. Along with Kidville, four nationally recognized experts in their field joined forces to create this parenting service, and make it available as an online destination, at an affordable price.

My experience:

The first step in the process is picking an expert or a topic. This to me was the hardest part because there were so many choices. I suppose this is both a pro and a con. Although, this is a parenting service there were many topics that were outside of the realm of parenting. From fitness and nutrition to life coaching, the list of topics was broad and covered many options. There were also many experts to choose from within each category. I wanted to try many but finally narrowed my choice down to life coaching.

After I made my selection, I picked a time that worked for me, clicked a button and my appointment was set. It couldn’t have been easier.

The day of my session I received a reminder email. Unfortunately, my computer did not want to cooperate and I was not able to experience my session by video. Although the help desk was extremely easy to work with – I was unable to correct the problem. However, I did go forward with my session by phone, which worked out just fine. I would like to add that MommyCoach offered me a second complimentary session in order for me to have a chance to experience the video chat.

Before my appointment I had an email exchange with my expert to make introductions and give her an idea of the type of assistance I would be seeking. Since the sessions are only 30 minutes long this initial contact was extremely helpful as we were able to get right to the heart of the matter. I didn’t have to use any of my session time explaining why I was seeking her expertise. I walked away from our call with thought-provoking advice and concrete strategies to put into practice on my own. If all of the experts at MommyCoach are of the same caliber I think this company is bound to succeed.

Would I recommend this product?

In the end, although I was not able to correct my technical issues I would still highly recommend this service. The system was extremely user-friendly and the service itself was an excellent value for the price. I was able to fit in a session easily around my kids’ schedules without having to add in extra travel. And since I didn’t have to leave the house I was able to cook dinner at the same time!

Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. I did receive a complimentary session for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are solely based on my personal experience with the service.


6 thoughts on “MommyCoach – Product Review

  1. It was my pleasure to connect with you, Elaine. I think the challenges you presented and the decisions you’re making at this point in your life are indicators of a life well-lived. You have great options. Mothernood brings with it a common challenge: How can I succeed in raising a happy, healthy family and while also fulfilling my own goals/dreams/needs? I believe there is a way to blend a successful family with a successful business. We have to ask the right questions and get our priorities straight.

    I appreciate your kind words about my coaching. And I love your recipes!

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