Lemonade Stand

To end what was a fun, hot, and long 4th of July weekend, we decided to finally give in to the boys desire to launch their first entrepreneurial endeavor – a lemonade stand. Our little crew was completely confident in their assured success, despite the fact that most of our neighbors had yet to return home from their weekend getaways. The minute we agreed to their idea, they jumped into action before we changed our minds.

Brian was sent out for lemons and the rest of us got to work on the signage. Everyone agreed that advertising was key. In addition to our signs, we also needed to find just the right price point. We decided 50 cents was ideal for a cup of homemade lemonade and a chocolate chip cookie. Quite a bargain actually…

As soon as Brian returned home with the lemons, work on the lemonade commenced. I sliced and the boys fought about squeezing and stirring. After what seemed like an eternity everyone gave a thumbs up to the finished product. We were ready to set up shop!


Brian and I were the first customers, but after a slow start, we eventually got rolling. As people started returning home, sales really picked up. It was hard to keep the boys from eating and drinking all the profits, but we did ultimately sell out. When Matthew dumped out the register he counted a grand total of $4.50 -the boys were elated!

Considering we spent 12.00 in start-up costs, not the best return on our investment… but who’s counting?

IMG_5481 IMG_5483

Lemony Lemonade


1-cup sugar

5 cups of cold water

8 lemons, juiced (makes about 1 cup)

2 cups ice



The key to making lemonade is to first make a simple syrup. If the sugar is added directly to the lemon juice, it won’t fully dissolve and will sink to the bottom.

In a small saucepan, dissolve sugar in 1 cup of water. Let cool. In a pitcher, combine the cooled syrup and lemon juice. Mix in rest of the water and stir. Add in ice and serve.


And the VERDICT is:

Matthew (age 6): “We are gonna sell out!”

Liam (age 4): “No pits please”

Dylan (age 4): “What if I get a pit in mine?”

A big shout out to our wonderful neighbors who came to buy our wares!


8 thoughts on “Lemonade Stand

    • 4 hours of amusement for 12.00 – I would definitely say it was a success. And now we get to go buy something with their $ – another hour keeping them off the streets. Except for Matthew – his went right into the piggie bank!

  1. Congrats on making them into entrepreneurs. I now suggest a family newspaper that the boys can can write once in a while and that can be sold as subscriptions. We will take a subscription and so will all relatives. That way they can do some creative thinking, get some language skills in and become even more into entrepreneurship. A great bad weather project!

    Love, Judy and Bill

  2. What a fun time for The Boys! I’m impressed that they kept that counter so clean. This was a great post and did it ever bring back the memories. Good to see that some things never change.

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